whitey on the moon (hotelsamurai) wrote in asiangourmet,
whitey on the moon

cornhusk-steamed lime coconut ahi with plum mint salsa and buttery coconut sauce

Hi all -
I'm new here and I wanted to share this dish I created. It's not traditional Asian or anything, but definitely Asian influenced, so maybe it's fusion, I don't know. The recipe I gave here is pretty vague about exact measurements and cooktimes, so if you want to know more go ahead and comment.

Here's what I did: I started marinating some ahi steaks in coconut milk, with lime juice, and a little cajun spice rub. Then I cut up some plums (RIPE - right off the tree, perfect sugar balance), threw them in with some fresh tomatoes and fresh oranges right from the tree (really sweet and orangey flavor), chopped up some fresh mint and a splash of red wine and put it in the fridge to chill - that was my fruit salsa. Maybe I gave it a little salt, I don't remember. Started boiling some corn on the cob.

Corn's boiling. Time goes by. I pull the fish out of the coconut milk and set 'em aside on a plate. I throw the coconut-lime mix in a saucepan and put it on the boil. Boiling kills anything that might be living in raw fish. I stirred it to keep from burning, but I don't think I needed to worry. So, coconut milk/ lime/ cajun spice mix is boiling. Give it some salt and a few twists of pepper. Then I sweeten it up with some plum juice (MAD plums falling off the tree right now, cheaper than sugar) and drop a few whole sprigs of mint in at just the right time, after i've cut back the boil. I'll pull 'em out later, so they don't mess up the texture of my sauce. They'll just infuse it with flavor. I cut the heat on the coconut milk to a slow boil - gradually it'll reduce and thicken.

So. Time goes by. By now the coals outside are hot. Here's what I did. I squeezed some more lime onto the fish and sprinkled them with a little cajun spice rub (not too much). I wrapped the ahi steaks in wet corn husks so it forms a tight little package and put them on the grill, off center, away from the hottest spot, and put the lid on and let 'em steam.

Now they'll be ready in twenty minutes or less. The coconut sauce is thickened up. give it a little salt, a little pepper. I take the corn off the heat. Nice and done. Steaks are grilling. Fruit salsa is chilling. I dress up two plates - lay down some baby spinach over the whole surface of the plate. Squeeze some more lime over the spinach. Lay down the cold fruit salsa and the hot corn. Pull the ahi steaks off the grill, unwrap 'em, lay them down. Pour on some warm coconut sauce over the corn and fish. Garnish with a nicer - looking mint top sprig and serve with cold beer.
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